Explore these 100 caves and collect the right number of Diamonds while avoiding Boulders and Enemies to unlock the exit. But hurry .… the clock is ticking! The dif­ficulty increases with each new cave and more Enemies and challenges will emerge as you progress. After completing a cave successfully, a green checkmark will ap­pear next to it in the cave list. If you complete a level perfectly, a gold checkmark will appear. If you get stuck in a cave, just press and choose “Retry”.


The 25 caves in Puzzle Mode allow you to collect Diamonds and find the Exit with­out the pressure of the clock. Puzzle caves have no time limit; and, you can restart a cave as many times as you like, if you get trapped or killed. The caves in Puzzle Mode must be played in sequence; but, once a cave has been won, it is unlocked and can be replayed at any time.


Aahhhh …. take a deep breath and relax. Zen Mode allows you to play the caves from Arcade Mode without any time limit. This is your chance to plan new strat­egies for increasing your score for caves in Arcade Mode. Just remember: the progress made in Zen Mode will not be transferred to Arcade Mode.


Score Mode features four huge levels that are especially designed to reward skill­ful play! It also features extra ways to chain attacks and kill enemies. Here, only one diamond is required to open the cave’s Exit. Reaching the Exit in time will get you a bonus depending on the time left (each second left is worth 10 points), so you’ll need to work out a strategy in order to find the right balance between collect­ing and chaining as many diamonds as possible and reaching the Exit in time.


Retro Mode pays homage to the very first, original Boulder Dash®, with 3D-Inter­pretations of those much loved retro graphics. These 25 cave designs and scoring are also very reminiscent of the original.